Women had contributed a lot to the economic development of Taiwan. With their own efforts and struggles, the women entrepreneurs in Taiwan had taken up an important position in many trades; however, they were separate from each other without contact and cooperation. So, in order to unite the women entrepreneurs in Taiwan, Ma Ai-Jeng stood out and picked up more than 300 outstanding women entrepreneurs to form Taiwan Association of Women Entrepreneurs.

 Taiwan Association of Women Entrepreneurs, founded on March 22, 2000, is an industrial and commercial group consisting of women focusing on professional exchange and affection contact. The trades of the members of this association cover clothing, food, shelter and means of travel, education, entertainment, financial service, architecture, electronic science and technology, etc.; moreover, some members of the association are the members of legislative assembly and board chairwomen of other associations. With rich connection resources and updated information, this association is greatly influential in the society and economy of Taiwan.

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