Taiwan Women Entrepreneurs Association


 Women had contributed a lot to the economic development of Taiwan. With their own efforts and struggles, the women entrepreneurs in Taiwan had taken up an important position in many trades; however, they were separate from each other without contact and cooperation. So, in order to unite the women entrepreneurs in Taiwan, Ma Ai-Jeng stood out and picked up more than 300 outstanding women entrepreneurs to form Taiwan Association of Women Entrepreneurs.

 Taiwan Association of Women Entrepreneurs, founded on March 22, 2000, is an industrial and commercial group consisting of women focusing on professional exchange and affection contact. The trades of the members of this association cover clothing, food, shelter and means of travel, education, entertainment, financial service, architecture, electronic science and technology, etc.; moreover, some members of the association are the members of legislative assembly and board chairwomen of other associations. With rich connection resources and updated information, this association is greatly influential in the society and economy of Taiwan.

 This association, as the most influential industrial and commercial group of women in Taiwan, brings forward policy proposals to the government every year; in addition, by means of seminars, this association has exchanges of opinions with and expresses the opinions and demands of women on policies to the important departments and committees of the government, such as the Executive Yuan, Legislative Yuan, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice and etc.. This association cares much about public welfare undertaking and holds various public welfare activities every year to show love and return society.

 The most important is that, in order to represent the soft feature of women, this association has specially founded a concern committee and Sister Ma Special Line to provide services for women (especially the brides from Mainland China) and children.

 Founder and Former Chairman was Ms. Ma Ai-Jeng Present Board Chairman is Wu Hui-Chen, There are 38 directors and supervisors.

 In recent years, the major global organizations such as WB, WTO, OECD and APEC have started to pay active attention to the issue about women’s entrepreneurship to expect to seek to create the political environment and best practice under which women’s entrepreneurship can be assisted through the governmental policies, dialogs and experience communication; seeing this global tide, the Founder and Former Chairman Ma Ai-Jeng started to actively communicate with the international women’s organizations and women’s groups in Mainland China and hoped to enhance the economic exchange and cooperation of women entrepreneurs with the rest of world; consequently, this association has ever organized delegations to visit many countries and regions and attended the meetings held by the international organizations, such as the Asia Pacific Women Forum 2009, the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the International Women’s Day 2010, the 2nd China- ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Business Building Forum, the 100th Anniversary Celebration of International Women Day and Malaysia-China Asia-Pacific Women Economic Summit Forum and so on.

 In addition, in order to strengthen the cooperation across the strait, especially in 2009, the association held the Cross-Strait Women Entrepreneurs Economic and Trading Forum, inviting totally 150 women, including the women entrepreneurs from 16 provinces of Mainland China, and other women from Hong Kong, Macau, and 200 women from Taiwan to attend the forum. The most remarkable was that a delegation personally led by the vice chairwomen of All-China Women's Federation, Huang Chin-Yi and Chen Hsiu-Jung, attended this unprecedented forum. In order to strengthen the essential cooperation among the entrepreneurs across the strait, in 2010, the association invited women from Tianjin, Beijing, Shandong, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Guangxi, etc., the Chinese Women Chamber of Commerce of All-China Federation for Industry and Commerce, entered into agreements with each other and established a platform and way for the women entrepreneurs across the strait for exchange and communication.

 The members of the association are divided into five committees.

     1. Committee of the Trade, Finance, Insurance and Securities

  1. Committee of the Development, Architecture (house brokerage), Traffic (transport), Industry (manufacture) and Environmental Protection
  2. Committee of the Electronics, Medicine (medical, beauty, healthcare and nursing), Technology (energy), Biotech and Agriculture
  3. Committee of the Clothes, Gem, Beauty & Hairdressing, Photography and Design
  4. Committee of the Tourism, Food & Beverage, Communication, Education, Cultural Creativity and General Merchandise


Objectives and Tasks

  1. To hold various woman activities, train and cultivate excellent women business talents
  2. To unite women and encourage excellent women to participate in industrial and commercial activities
  3. To hold or attend international women organizations, exchange activities and meetings
  4. To assist and direct the members to enter Mainland China market and the international market
  5. To have other activities in line with the objectives of this association